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Parisian Diet Secrets

Here are the top ten secrets that Parisians do each day so they stay slim. As you can see, it isn't very complicated!

1. Enjoy your food

Parisians set a time and place for each meal. They take pleasure from their food and savor every bite. The feeling of satiety gets triggered sooner.

2. Take time to eat

The French will devote at least 20 minutes for their meals in a proper table setting. Do nothing else but eat. Step away from your desk at lunch break, or even wake up an extra 20 minutes earlier to be able to enjoy breakfast.

3. Size matters

French portion sizes are much smaller compared to American servings. They put a premium on flavor, texture, and presentation of their food in lieu of quantity.

4. Don't watch TV while eating

The French prefer to eat in the kitchen or at the dinner table, not in front of the TV. This is because it grabs your attention so you don't realize when you're mindlessly over-eating.

5. Be active

Parisians stay active because it's easy to walk (or bike) to everything. They use the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. The little things that Americans do to make life easier add up to a huge deficit in activity.

6. Stay fresh

In the French diet, fresh ingredients, locally-grown produce, and quality ingredients are the norm. It is not typical to eat so much processed food there.

7. Drink water

The popular belief that the French enjoy a glass of wine during lunch and dinner is true, but they drink water throughout the day. They do not drink sodas or juices when they are thirsty, but just plain water.

8. React quickly

Being the gourmands that they are, the French allow themselves to enjoy an occasional treat or a big meal. But they try to make up for it with a recovery meal plan and then resume good eating habits.

9. Enjoy cooking

The French love to cook simple recipes with fresh ingredients. It's always the better choice than pre-packaged ready-made meals or getting takeout or delivery, which contain excessive amounts of salt, saturated fats, and trans fats.

10. Rediscover fruits

To the French, food preparation is an essential technique, and that's why fruits and vegetables are never boring. To eat more fruits, the French get creative and make them more appealing by poaching them, baking them, stewing them, or making fruit salads.


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"For a weight loss plan to work, it must not feel like a diet. To turn it into a real lifestyle, it must be enjoyable, sustainable, and flexible."

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