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The Bon Appétit Diet Program

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Here's how the Bon Appétit Diet works. Each week, you will receive emails and watch videos of Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen. You will follow specific weekly goals that will contribute to your final weight loss target.

The Bon Appétit Diet program offers shopping lists and daily meal plans. If you feel like you are not losing weight as fast as you'd like, you can even speed up your program to the "Fast" category to help you lose weight more quickly. That's why we say you will lose weight at your own pace. It's really all up to you!

Week 1: Quick and comfortable

Before you start to lose weight, you must prepare yourself psychologically. It's harder to lose weight when you are stressed, so you need to be relaxed and organize a plan that suits your goals and lifestyle best.

Week 2: The 7 important food rules

The Bon Appétit Diet is designed to help you lose weight while giving you the nutrients that you need. It's a calorie counting method that tells us to eat better. In this program, everything is permitted. Yes, even chocolate!

Week 3: Learn how to shop

Supermarket shopping has become a science. Let Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen guide you through the aisles as you go through your shopping list. Soon enough, you will learn how to read labels, spot "false friends" and make your own choices without being influenced by advertising.

Week 4: Make sure you have a battle plan

It is great to have a basic plan, but knowing little tricks and tips will help speed up the process. All the Bon Appétit Dietís tricks will help you overcome various hurdles encountered while changing your eating habits.

Week 5: Turn the program into a lifestyle

Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen is here to help you lose those extra pounds but is definitely not trying to turn your life upside down. He wants you to learn how to eat more nutritiously, balance your diet and portion your food properly.

Week 6: Managing food

Anything is allowed if you balance and portion. Don't worry, you'll get there. Your diet will be more varied, with vegetables and fruits taking center stage. You will learn how to eat nutritious, well-balanced food that will help keep off the pounds.

Week 7: Know how to cook

Now that you have mastered food management, it's time to get your hands dirty! Here you will understand why learning how to cook is a major asset to your diet and weight loss. You will know what to cook and what you enjoy eating so you will lose weight without ever going hungry!

Week 8: Playing sports effectively

The primary advantage of the gym is that it increases energy expenditure and therefore allows a more rapid weight loss. It can also reshape and align the body. By regularly playing a sport, you will put the odds in your favor to maintain your weight.

Third Month: Weight stabilization

At the start of the third month, the results will be undeniably obvious, and you will feel great! You will learn not to feel too guilty when you deviate from the diet from time to time, and you will continue to weigh yourself regularly.

It's more than a diet,
it's a way of living!

"For a weight loss plan to work, it must not feel like a diet. To turn it into a real lifestyle, it must be enjoyable, sustainable, and flexible."

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